Amiens-Picardie University Hospital sets up multimodal diagnostic pathway for NPH

Dr Cyrille Capel (MD, PhD), neurosurgeon and Clinical Lead in France for the REVERT project

“Here at the CHU Amiens-Picardie Neurosurgery Department (Prof. Peltier), we have set up a multimodal diagnostic pathway for hydrodynamic pathologies of the central nervous system, and more specifically for idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH). We admit patients to the hospital for a day in order to carry out all the tests (infusion test, MRI, depletive lumbar puncture, etc.) needed to make a diagnosis and decide on their treatment.

We have set up this day admission patient pathway in close collaboration with our team of nurses and our nurse manager (Ms Khanfar). The focus is on the patient and on making them an active participant in their own healthcare. During the invasive procedures (infusion test, lumbar puncture, etc.) we combine the usual painkillers with hypnosis or music therapy. We have also developed a nurse consultation service specifically for patients with hydrocephalus. The consultation aims to support the patient’s well-being with a holistic approach, taking into account social, nutritional and psychological factors.

We are currently working with the neurosurgery departments at the university hospitals of Brest (Prof. Seizeur) and Caen (Prof. Emery, Dr Borha) to implement the infusion tests at their respective hospitals. 

The REVERT project offers us an opportunity to develop our clinical and pathophysiological understanding of NPH through multimodal and complementary examinations (MRI flow and infusion tests). The ultimate aim is to improve our understanding of NPH in order to improve diagnosis and treatment.​”