The REVERT Kick-Off Meeting

When: 25 June 2021 1-4pm UK time

Location: Online via the Zoom platform (the connection details to follow)

Costs: Free

Accessibility: Open to the public, available in English and French


This round table event marks an official start of the REVERT project. It is aimed at health care professionals, doctors and nurses, involved in the care for dementia and particularly hydrocephalus patients, but equally it is also meant to reach out to the those in the very centre of this debilitating disease: the patients and their carers.

The meeting is planned for 3 hours, with a short coffee break in the middle. It will be divided into 4 section: a brief introduction, a ‘scientific’ section, a practical section and a section where the REVERT partners can talk about their role in the project. All the talks will be delivered at a level accessible to non-specialist and simultaneous translation will be provided for French and English talks, where appropriate.

The preliminary program:

The introduction

Chair: Dr Olivier Baledent (5min each talk)

  1. Agi Musset from the Joint Secretariat of Interreg: The EU Interreg Programme
  2. Dr Peter Smielewski: REVERT Project Introduction

The scientific session (Invited speakers)

Chair: Professor John D Pickard (20 min each talk)

  1. Prof JD Pickard: Patophysiology of CerebroSpinal Fluid circulation in Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
  2. Prof Noam Alperin: CerebroSpinal Fluid movement in Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus – Magnetic Resonance Imaging perspective
  3. Prof Anders Eklund/Prof Marek Czosnyka: Pressure dynamics in Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
  4. Dr Eric Schmidt: Dementia and Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus in ageing

The practical perspective

Chair: Professor Romuald Seizeur (10 min each talk)

  1. TBO: A patient perspective
  2. Mr Alexis Joannides: A clinical perspective

Coffee break 10 min

Presentations of the Revert project team members

Chair: Professor Marek Czosnyka (10 min each talk)

  1. Dr Olivier Baledent (University of Picardie Jules Verne): Phase Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (PC-MRI) based Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus diagnostics in clinical practice
  2. Michael Martin (Obex Technologies Ltd): Hydrocephalus referral system and the Shunt Registry
  3. Dr Cyrille Capel (CHU Amiens): How to implement infusion study in a hydrocephalus clinic
  4. Dr Zofia Czosnyka (University of Cambridge): Hydrocephalus shunt testing in-vivo
  5. Dr Olivier Peltre (University of Artois): The place for Artificial Intelligence in hydrocephalus diagnostics
  6. Mr Alexis Joannides (Cambridge University Hospitals): Organisation of hydrocephalus clinic

Concluding remarks