Hydrocephalus round table videos

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We held our hydrocephalus round table on 25 June 2021.

We have uploaded the video recordings of the event and you’ll find them below.

This round table event marked the official start of the REVERT project. The content was aimed at health care professionals, doctors and nurses involved in the care of dementia and particularly hydrocephalus patients, but was equally intended to reach out to those at the very centre of this debilitating disease: the patients and their carers.

All the videos are available in English and with simultaneous translation into French, at a level accessible to non-specialists. You can find both the English and French versions below.

Videos in English


Dr Olivier Balédent, Ms Agi Musset and Dr Peter Smielewski introduce the Reversible Dementia Project.

Videos in French


Une introduction au projet sur la démence reversible.