University Hospital of Amiens and REVERT

The University Hospital of Amiens is the one of the two public university health establishments and a tertiary centre of the region Hauts-de-France. The teams of biophysicists, neurosurgeons and radiologists have internationally recognised experience in the management of hydrocephalus. Approximately 200 patients per year are seen in neurosurgical consultation for suspected NPH. 50% of these patients present a clinico-radiological picture compatible with NPH. One to two patients per week benefit from a day hospitalisation to undergo the diagnostic assessment.

A weekly MRI session specially dedicated to the problems of cranio-spinal dynamics has existed for several years. The medical image processing service internally develops its own software solutions for processing flow MRIs. This software is used in several international centres.

The main role of CHU Amiens within REVERT is focused on implementing the phase contrast MRI-based diagnostics of hydrocephalus in the other hospitals of the partnership, including teaching and training, recruitment of patients to undergo both diagnostic tests (flow and pressure), as well as development of new software for analysis and coupling of intracranial pressure and flows.

Dr Cyrille Capel, a neurosurgeon in Amiens, says:

As a clinician, the REVERT project is what we expected in the management of patients with hydrocephalus. Currently, the diagnosis is based on non-consensual facts. The REVERT project is an opportunity to merge skills and expertise in order to make our intuitions objective. Diagnose to improve treatment…