Obex Technologies Ltd and REVERT

Obex Technologies Ltd is a healthcare software company based in Cambridge UK with an established track record in developing secure databases and complex datasets for long-term surveillance of neurological disease across multiple healthcare providers. Obex established a cloud-based healthcare platform (Orion) in 2012, which now maintains seven UK national registries and includes an online referral system for communication between hospital providers.

Orion has also been used to support a number of UK-based and international research studies. Currently, over 80 UK hospitals participate in the Orion network, with data from over 140,000 patients and with about 2500 active users.

Specifically for REVERT, Orion hosts the UK Shunt Registry, which will be used as a starting point to develop a more comprehensive hydrocephalus management platform (HMP) for supporting patients with NPH. Within the project, Obex is leading on the clinical informatics work package, including the development of the HMP and all its associated data security and governance protocols.

"We are thrilled to be working with our much esteemed English and French collaborators on the REVERT project. By building on our years of experience with the UK Shunt Registry software platform, we hope to make the pioneering research behind REVERT accessible to healthcare professionals and affected patients right across the programme area."