The University Hospital of Brest and REVERT

The Neurosurgery Department of CHU Brest manages and cares for cranial and spinal neurosurgical pathologies, especially hydrocephalus, for the region of Brittany. The Department has 42 beds and 8 intensive care beds. The Neuroradiology Unit has MRI and a team of neuroradiologists who will perform and analyse the MRI examinations for this project.

The main role of CHU Brest will be to implement the pressure and flow diagnostics procedures in the hydrocephalus clinic and recruit patients for this study as well as lending their clinical experience to the research and development part of the project.

Professor Romuald Seizeur, Head of the Neurosurgery Department in Brest, says: 

The REVERT project is a real opportunity to improve the management of patients with hydrocephalus through a better knowledge of the physiopathology of the circulation and pressure of cerebrospinal fluid.”