Events, conferences and meetings

16 & 17 June 2022

6th International Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics Symposium, Florida

Dr Olivier Balédent (University of Picardy Jules-Verne & Amiens University Hospital) presented: ‘Intracranial volume dynamics in Arnold-Chiari Syndrome’

Adam Pelah (University of Cambridge) presented research done with and Dr. Zofia Czosnyka, supervised by Professor Marek Czosnyka ‘Association between pulsatile components of cerebral blood flow and intracranial pressure in patients with suspected hydrocephalus. ’

10 June 2022

ICM+ workshop in Wrocław, Poland

Dr Peter Smielewski and Dr Erta Beqiri (Brain Physics Laboratory, Cambridge) led a free workshop on ICM+ brain monitoring software.

7–12 May 2022

Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB & ISMRT 31st Annual Meeting, London

Dr Olivier Balédent, Dr Pan Liu and Professor Marek Czosnyka presented at the conference.

  • Professor Marek Czosnyka: Intracranial pressure and CSF flow
  • Dr Olivier Balédent and Dr Pan Liu: session on Neurofluids: From Macro to Micro – ‘Real-Time Phase Contrast MRI to quantify cerebral arterial flow variations during normal breathing’
  • Dr Olivier Balédent and Dr Pan Liu: digital poster session on Processing & Analysis: Software Tools & Visualization II – ‘Flow 2.0 – a flexible, scalable, cross-platform post-processing software for real-time phase contrast sequences’

The video recordings are available below.

17 Mar 2022

Training seminar: cerebrospinal fluid dynamics

The training seminar covered the following topics:

  • 14:00 UK time
    CSF dynamics – Prof. Marek Czosnyka
  • 14:20 UK time
    Infusion test in non-shunted patients – Dr Zofia Czosnyka
  • 14:40 UK time
    Shunt technology – Prof. Marek Czosnyka
  • 15:00 UK time
    Infusion test in shunted patients – Dr Zofia Czosnyka

Watch the video here

1 Dec 2021


On 1 December, Dr Kimi Owashi presented at the GDR MECABIO meeting in Grenoble, France. She discussed the objectives we aim to achieve, and the different sources of information we will feed into our simulation model (PC-MRI, ICP, morphology).

30 Nov 2021

Steering Group Meeting

Our twice-yearly meeting with the Steering Group.

22–26 Nov 2021

Hospital training visit in France

Dr Smielewski and Dr Czosnyka paid a visit to French partner hospitals Brest and Caen, providing hands-on training and support on ICM+ brain monitoring software and infusion tests.

16 Oct 2021

Meeting of the Association des Neurologues Libéraux de Langue Française, Amiens, France: Neurology from age 60+

Dr Cyrille Capel talked about the REVERT project and normal pressure hydrocephalus: explorations using morphological and flow MRI, and using infusion tests.

16 Oct 2021

Bobby Jones CSF Research Colloquium

Mr Alexis Joannides gave a talk entitled ‘REVERT: Developing an international integrated clinical and research network for transforming current management of normal pressure hydrocephalus’. The agenda included presentations on novel topics related to Chiari malformation, syringomyelia and related disorders.

Visit the event page

07 Oct 2021

Société Française de Neurochirurgie (French Neurosurgery Society) Conference

CHIARI : analysing and preventing failures

Presenters: Kevin BUFFENOIR (NANTES), Steven KNAFO (Paris), Romuald SEIZEUR (BREST), Jean-Rodolphe VIGNES (Bordeaux)

27–29 Sep 2021

Congrès de la SFRMBM

Optimisation et Précision de l’IRM Echo Planar en contraste de phase (Optimisation and precision of echo planar phase contrast MRI) – Pan Liu et al., CHIMERE, Amiens

23 Sep 2021

National teaching days in France

Dr Cyrille Capel presented a talk in French entitled, ‘How do valves work?’ as part of a session on pathologies of the cerebrospinal fluid.

Watch the video (in French) on ‘How do valves work?’.

22–24 Sep 2021

Society of British Neurological Surgeons Conference

Mr Alexis Joannides gave a talk on the merits of using CSF infusion tests for accurate diagnostics of shunt malfunction in vivo; Dr Peter Smielewski gave a talk on the mathematical modelling behind the estimation of brain compliance from CSF constant rate infusion tests. The team also had a REVERT (and ICM+) stand with a 2m REVERT roller banner prominently displayed.

Learn more about the SBNS Conference here.

10–13 Sep 2021

Hydrocephalus 2021: the Thirteenth Meeting of the Hydrocephalus Society

Speakers from the REVERT project team presented at the Thirteenth Meeting of the Hydrocephalus Society.

Friday 10th at 19:50 CET (18:50 BST): Dr Peter Smielewski presented REVERT: An EU Project to Establish a Clinical Network for Transforming the Current Management of NPH in the UK and France

Sunday 12th at 19:35 CET (18:35 BST): Prof. Marek Czosnyka discussed Brain Physics in the Diagnosis of Hydrocephalus

Sunday 12th at 19:50 CET (18:50 BST): Dr Zofia Czosnyka discussed ICP Dynamics in Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

View the full agenda here.

02 Jul 2021

Steering Group Meeting

Our twice-yearly meeting with the Steering Group Committee

25 Jun 2021

REVERT Kick-Off Meeting: Hydrocephalus Round Table

We held our hydrocephalus round table event on Zoom with speakers from the fields of neuroscience, neurosurgery and Artificial Intelligence. Watch the round table event videos here.

15–20 May 2021

International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine conference (ISMRM-SMRT), 2021

Dr Olivier Balédent gave a talk on cerebral flow measurements using MRI. Dr Balédent also set up an international study group within the ISMRM on Imaging Neurofluids, which will serve as a relevant platform for the REVERT project.

Read more about the 2021 ISMRM-SMRT conference.