The University of Cambridge and REVERT

The Brain Physics Laboratory of the University of Cambridge (UCAM) focuses on studying the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) dynamics and multimodal brain monitoring. Its three scientists, Dr Peter Smielewski, Professor Marek Czosnyka and Dr Zofia Czosnyka are world-leading experts in intracranial pressure, hydrocephalus, neurophysiological monitoring and traumatic brain injury (, with over 60,000 citations to date (over 700 publications on PubMed).

Dr Smielewski and Prof. Czosnyka developed the physiological monitoring data collection and real-time analysis software ICM+ licensed by the University of Cambridge to many clinical research centres worldwide (currently over 200). ICM+ incorporates all the methods of assessment for various aspects of cranio-spinal dynamics that the group has been developing since its formation in 1992.

The Cambridge Shunt Laboratory, established and run by the Brain Physics group, has produced data that provides health professionals and manufacturers with independent references for shunt performance. As a whole, the Brain Physics group has made a major contribution to training the next generation of clinical scientists interested in disorders of CSF circulation.

As the Lead Partner, UCAM will oversee the entire project.