Cambridge University Hospital and REVERT

CUH is a leading hydrocephalus centre in the UK, combining clinical assessment with neuroradiology and world-unique CSF dynamics studies services provided by Brain Physics Laboratory of the University of Cambridge (UCAM), which is co-located with the centre. Working together with Brain Physics CUH has pioneered computerised infusion tests as universal method for CSF dynamics assessment which is now part of national and international best practice guidelines.

CUH will evaluate the feasibility of the combined package of infusion tests (pressure measurement) and dynamic CSF movement studies (using PC MRI) in daily clinical practice. CUH will also host the project’s clinical lead, and jointly with UCAM will provide training and support in implementing the NPH care pathway across all 4 clinical centres participating in the project. A clinical research fellow and a infusion test technician will be employed and will get involved in this task.

About 400 patients with CSF dynamics problems are seen annually, with about 120 potentially presenting with symptoms of NPH. Estimated 30% of these patients may fulfil criteria to have MRI (including PC-MRI sequences) and CSF infusion studies. Combination of both will form a basis for validation of the technique delivered within REVERT.

"REVERT is a unique opportunity to improve the quality of life of patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus who are often misdiagnosed as other forms of dementia, thus addressing a largely unrecognised unmet clinical need."